World Language

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Chandler World Language Overview

  • Today’s students prepare for the tomorrow in which they will need to function in varied contexts.  The constant shrinking of the globe will expand their experiences beyond that of previous generations to include contacts with other languages and cultures, both in their private lives and in their work.  Languages are increasingly demanded in a wide range of professions.  To succeed, students will need new tools, many of which are available primarily, if not solely, through the study of other languages.

    World Language teachers regularly work with other teachers in the district to revise curriculum, materials, and assessments to ensure articulation between grade levels.  Cross-curricular opportunities are offered, and students learn in their language of study ways to keep themselves healthy and how to protect the environment.  Grammar of both the language of study and English is reinforced at all levels of instruction. 
    Native speakers of Spanish and students in Levels 4 and 5 are introduced to literary terms and analysis in the target language. 
    At all levels, students speak and interact in the target language.  Small group, out-of-seat and oral activities are stressed as being essential to the goal of the full language experience.  Students role play and converse in the language while simulating real-life situations.  In addition, technology embedded activities enhance student engagement, motivate, and deepen learning.

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