Community Education Contacts

  • Community Education Administration
  • Accounting
  • Kids Express
    Activity Coordinators
  • Facility Use
  • Sports and Enrichment
  • Kids Express
    Site Leads
  • Summer Academy
  • Preschool and Early Childhood
  • Marketing
  • Lil' Explorers Site Coordinators

Community Education Administration

Scott VanDerMillen, Community Education Director
Call Scott VanDerMillen??480-224-3907
Melinda Hunt, Administrative Assistant to Scott VanDerMillen
Call Melinda Hunt??480-224-3907

Accounting Services

Viviana Arango, Senior Account Technician
Call Viviana Arango??480-224-3924
Anissa Bedoya, Account Technician
Call Anissa Bedoya??480-224-3917
Peggy Armstrong, Account Technician
Call Peggy Armstrong??480-224-3918
Alison Brimer, Account Technician
Call Alison Brimer??480-224-3923

Facility Use

Janet Rodriguez, Account Technician
Call Janet Rodriguez??480-224-3901
Gina Bonilla, Program Manager
Call Gina Bonilla??480-224-3916
Sarina Mcmonigal, Account Technician
Call Sarina Mcmonigal??480-224-3901


Marissa Diaz, Preschool Activity Coordinator
Call Marissa Diaz??480-224-3915
Alesia Taylor, Preschool Activity Coordinator
Call Alesia Taylor??480-224-3913
Jan Smith, Preschool/Pre-K Registrar
Call Jan Smith??480-883-5865

Sports and Enrichment

Gina Bonilla, Program Manager
Call Gina Bonilla??480-224-3916
Jackie Truelove, Community Education Program Specialist
Call Jackie Truelove??480-224-3909

Summer Academy Contact

Gina Bonilla, Program Manager
Call Gina Bonilla??480-224-3916
Sharon Cumberbatch, Program Specialist
Call Sharon Cumberbatch??480-224-3919


Rachel Lythgoe, Digital Marketing Coordinator
Call Rachel Lythgoe??480-224-3912

Lil' Explorers Site Coordinators

Hazel Gaela, Lil' Explorers Site Coordinator
Call Hazel Gaela??480-224-2139
Pat Berry, Lil' Explorers Site Coordinator
Call Pat Berry??480-812-7846
Heather Morcomb, Lil' Explorers Site Coordinator
Call Heather Morcomb??480-224-2937


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Kids Express Activity Coordinators

Michelle Kasel, Kids Express Activity Coordinator
Call Michelle Kasel??480-224-3905
Cherish Jensen, Kids Express Activity Coordinator
Call Cherish Jensen??480-224-3902
Alysa Greenberg, Kids Express Activity Coordinator
Call Alysa Greenberg??480-812-7616
Brittany Gaitan, Kids Express Activity Coordinator
Call Brittany Gaitan??480-224-3906

Kids Express Site Leads

Andersen Elementary
Auxier Elementary
Basha Elementary
Bologna Elementary
Carlson Elementary
Conley Elementary
CTA Freedom
CTA Goodman
CTA Humphrey
CTA Independence
CTA Liberty
Frye Elementary
Fulton Elementary
Haley Elementary
Hancock Elementary
Hartford Sylvia Encinas Elementary
Hull Elementary
Jacobson Elementary
Knox Gifted Academy
Navarrete Elementary
Patterson Elementary
Rice Elementary
Riggs Elementary
Ryan Elementary
San Marcos
Sanborn Elementary
Santan Elementary
Shumway Elementary
Tarwater Elementary
Weinberg Gifted Academy
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